Linda Joy Leland


Linda creates one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art by handpicking unusual pendants and then stringing them with complimentary beads. She strings beads to make jewelry with the emphasis on the metaphysical healing and protective properties as well. Linda also takes custom orders. She has taken some jewelry making classes but is primarily self-taught taking inspiration from the materials she uses and her own collection of jewelry.


In addition to creating jewelry, Linda is a professionally trained and certified Feng Shui and Interior Alignment Practitioner. She has studied color and design and has certificates of graduation from Sheffield School of Interior Design, Western School of Essential Feng Shui--Advanced Training in Essential Feng Shui, Essential Compass Feng Shui, and Denise Linn International Institute of Interior Alignment. Other studies include Eastern philosophy, Chinese face reading, energy healing and nutrition. Linda loves to cook and is an avid gardener. She also has a strong spiritual and meditation practice.


Linda has over 30 years of business experience including owning and operating a "Top 10" rated (Consumer Checkbook) San Francisco Bay Area travel agency which allowed her to travel around the world to explore different cultures and appreciate their traditional art.

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