Handcrafted Bead Jewelry by Linda Joy Leland


Inspired by treasures from the earth, designed to enhance your personal style.


Artist Statement


Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

George Bernard Shaw


I believe that part of creating yourself includes your personal style. Mine has changed over the years but it has always included some piece of unique jewelry. Throughout my life I have collected interesting pieces of jewelry from around the world to enhance my personal style.


One day a friend of mine gave me an enormous bag filled with beads made of coral, shells, pearls and semi-precious stones. These beautiful treasures from the earth inspired me and their metaphysical healing and protecting properties have always intrigued me. Drawn in and my creativity sparked, I sought out places to buy more beads, interesting pendants, and unique clasps. Then I started designing and stringing bead jewelry for my family, friends and myself. When I began getting requests for custom orders I was encouraged and my jewelry business was born!


Jewelry can become part of our lives—part of our personal story. It brings me great joy to create jewelry that helps people to express themselves.

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