"Throughout the ages, gemstones and crystals have been regarded as having special properties. Ancient civilizations used them in healing, or as talismans and amulets, kings, queens, emperors, warriors and priests used them for power and protection. . ."


While beauty plays an important part in the appeal of stones, a stone's energy also has an impact on us. To connect with the Earth's energy we can wear jewelry made with gemstones to draw on its powers for healing, protecting and balancing.


The following is a brief list of selected stones and their metaphysical properties. For more information, I highly recommend The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall; Love is in the Earth, Melody.

Agate - General protection and healing, increases self-confidence and energy

Amber - Healing, protection from negativity, calming

Amethyst - Bestows stability, strength, inner peace and tranquility

Anyolite - Increases awareness of ones individuality

Apatite - Suppresses hunger, rids one of guilt and grief, enhances creativity

Aventurine - A good luck stone, stimulates creativity, a great healing stone.

Aquamarine - Sharpens the mind, calms and clarifies emotions

Bloodstone - Calms negative emotions, increases courage

Carnelian - General healing stone, restores natural energy flow of the body

Charoite - Stone of transformation, stimulates inner vision

Chalcedony - For peace, confidence and minimize over sensitivity

Chrysocolla - Soothes nervous tension

Chrysoprase - Promotes emotional balance, wisdom and peace

Citrine - Helps digestion, balances and dissipates negative energy

Coral - Promotes love and harmony, clears negative energy, provides protection

Fluorite - Enhances spiritual energy work, powerful healer, increases ability to concentrate

Garnet - Balances natural energy, highly protective

Goldston e- Uplifting, reduces tension and stomach problems

Hematite - Great stone for grounding, calms and soothes

Howlite - Reduces stress and anxiety

Jade - Projects universal love, health, wealth, protective and lucky

Jasper - Calms a troubled mind, helps with digestive problems

Kyanite - Aligns all charkas automatically and immediately

Labradorite - Strengthens the will and inner strength

Lapis Lazuli - Emotional healing and stability

Lepidolite - It is used for stress reduction and assists one in openness & honesty

Malachite - Strong stone which helps release negative emotions

Moonstone - Draws love and helps in interpersonal relationships

Onyx - Protective stone, releases old relationships

Pearl - For endurance and emotional stability and to benefit the lungs

Peridot - Balances your emotional mind

Prehnite - Can be used to multiply energy and enhance ones protective fields

Quartz - Great healing stone, aids mediation and visualization

Rhodonite - Self affirmation and self-love

Silver - used with gemstones because the metal is able to both attract and retain, unto itself, the qualities emitted by the stone.

Sodalite - Purifies your aura and protects you from negative energy

Tigers Eye - For good luck and protection, brings insight to one's own faults.

Tourmaline - Calm, protection, focus and balance, promotes self assurance

Turquoise - Healing and protective, attracts friendship, luck and happiness

Unakite - Promotes balance and emotional stability, a grounding stone.

The information presented on this page was compiled from a wide variety of gemstone books and from information gathered on the Internet.

The metaphysical properties offered are for inspiration and reference only.

In no way are they meant to replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified medical professional.

All jewelry has been cleansed with sage and blessed that the wearer benefit from the powers of the stones.

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