Balanced Living

Balanced Living

Creating Harmonious Environments

Creating Harmonious Environments



Services Offered

  • Feng Shui and Design Consultations
  • Space Clearing/Blessing Ceremonies
  • Organization/Clutter Clearing
  • Presentations and Workshops

Charges vary depending on type of service.

Please contact me to discuss which services would be the most beneficial to you.


When will a consultation benefit you?

A good time is when . . .


  • You want improve your health, creativity, career, relationships, prosperity and overall well being.
  • Your home or business is being built, remodeled or sold.
  • You are moving into a new residence or office space.
  • It is time to landscape or redesign your garden.
  • A space has stagnant energy and needs freshening.
  • Clutter, or a sense of being "Stuck" obscures your focus on what is truly important.




balanced living - linda joy lelandFeng Shui and Design Consultations: Feng Shui is an Ancient Chinese study and art of placement based on the philosophy that your environment affects your life. Through placement, color, symbols and intention, Feng Shui brings balance and harmony to your surroundings and enhances the flow of vital energy (ch'i) improving all areas of your life.


Feng Shui consultations are available for any size space – home, workplace or garden. To prepare for your Feng Shui consultation you will fill out a short questionnaire and provide a floor plan of your home or business. After I have reviewed your floor plan we will set up a meeting. During the on-site Feng Shui consultation your goals, objectives and desires will be discussed. Together the space is surveyed and observations and recommendations for remedies and enhancements will be given. Together we will form solutions tailored to fit your particular situation; we will focus on using the things you already own.


I work with real estate agents and homeowners staging homes for sale using primarily existing furnishings. I also work with designers and architects to incorporate Feng Shui principles in new designs and remodels.


All information is strictly confidential. I believe it is truly an honor to work with clients in such an intimate way and I respect your privacy.




Space Clearing/Blessing Ceremonies: Space Clearing is an ancient art of shifting energy. Just as the physical space of our homes and offices need cleaning, so does the energy field. Thoughts and emotions attach to our environment and can negatively influence it. Space Clearing can effectively remove unhealthy and stagnant energy in our surroundings.


Balanced Living - Feng Shui Interior Design & Organization - Linda Joy Leland


Space Clearing/Blessing Ceremonies require two separate appointments. The first appointment will be to plan the ceremony and discuss your intentions and desires for the clearing. The second appointment is the actual Space Clearing/Blessing ceremony.




Organization/Clutter Clearing: Clutter holds stagnated energy that has far-reaching effects on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Being organized in your home and workplace is crucial to your peace of mind. Bring clarity into your life by organizing your space and clearing energy-draining clutter.


Balanced Living - Feng Shui Interior Design & Organization - Linda Joy Leland


Usually several appointments are required for organization and clutter clearing projects. The first appointment will be scheduled for an overview of the space to determine systems to be used and supplies required. Then appointment(s) will be scheduled to implement recommendations.




Presentations and Workshops


  • Do something special for your employees, clients, social or civic organizations and offer them a Feng Shui lecture or presentation.
  • Gather some friends and host a Feng Shui workshop in your home. This is a fun and unique way to learn about Feng Shui principles in an intimate setting.


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