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Creating Harmonious Environments

Creating Harmonious Environments



It gives me great joy when people tell me how Feng Shui has enhanced their lives, here are some comments from clients ...


~ After Linda feng shuied and space cleared my new office, not only did it improve my energy and productivity, but my co-workers could feel the difference in the energy of the room as well. They said they felt much more comfortable in the office. Previously it felt uncomfortable and there was stagnant energy left from the previous employee. Linda also worked with me to redesign the room with color, art and furniture placement. Now my co-workers are in and out of my office just to "feel good" and people I have never met are stopping by to check it out because they heard about it or noticed it while walking down the hall! The response has been astounding.

Cynthia Mednick, KGO TV


~ I have to admit I was a little skeptical about Feng Shui but the results speak for themselves. Immediately after making the changes Linda suggested, my business improved greatly. Linda has a great sense of order and a deep knowledge of Feng Shui. She has made a believer out of me!

Rich Owen, Trafalgar Metalsmiths, San Rafael


~ Shortly after Linda came to feng shui my home to bring romance into my life, I met a wonderful man—better than I had hoped for! Linda has a calming and reassuring presence. She has been very helpful and I especially appreciate her follow up calls. I can't thank her enough.

Linda McDonald, Santa Rosa


~ Linda has a remarkable ability to bring a phenomenal sense of clarity, focus and organization into anyone's space. Using the wealth of her extensive experience and a highly tuned sensitivity to an individual's needs, she is able to create miracles in an environment. I highly recommend her services.

Denise Linn, founder, Interior Alignment/Instinctive Feng Shui© and best selling author of Sacred Space


~ I was unemployed for 3 months with no prospects in sight. Linda brought her expert knowledge about the flow of chi and right relationship to my home, garage and garden areas. With a few simple changes plus periodically energizing key areas, I was offered a job within 10 days which started immediately! It was amazing how fast my life changed through the use of feng shui principles!

Thea Penhallow, Property Manager, Petaluma


~ Very shortly after my consultation with Linda the perfect professional situation presented itself to me and I was able to make a smooth transition into the new job. Additional, I met a great guy. I have been truly amazed and pleased with the results!

Kym Mitchell, Esthetician, Santa Rosa


~ Linda, thank you for the life changing experience. I had fun and feel very fortunate and grateful for my introduction to feng shui. You were inspiring and nonjudgmental and with your guidance I was able to focus on what was within my means to change.

Joyce Barison, Tai Chi Instructor, Berkeley


~ Thanks to Linda and Feng Shui my office is a more enjoyable place to be; I feel my productivity and energy levels are much higher now.

C. Clay Greene, Attorney, San Rafael


~ I have taken a number of feng shui trainings and have a side business practicing feng shui. Even so, I've found that sometimes I can't fully revitalize myself or my environment because it's too close to home. Just like in psychology, you aren't always completely aware of what you've created and an outside perspective and fresh pair of eyes can help you make quantum shifts. I've requested Linda's help several times when I was feeling challenged about something in my life or I wanted to take a major, transformative step. She helped me with my apartment when I wanted to manifest my life partner and now that I have, I've asked her back to help us adjust our place in preparation for the big changes we'd like to make in our lives. I've also consulted with Linda twice to adjust two different offices at my "day job," where she helped me become more productive, even whiledoing work I don't like, so that I can spend more time shifting my career to something I love. With each consultation, there is a deepening of knowledge and a greater awareness of my patterns an d tendencies in how I structure my environment or "sabotage" certain areas. At the same time, there's an evolution and I become more able to create movement where I felt stuck and lightness where there was effort. Thank you Linda!

Leslie Page, San Francisco


~ I really appreciate all of your thorough follow up and suggestions. My initial concerns were my dwindling career and the need to upgrade to a larger house to accommodate my growing family. After you carefully conducted feng shui evaluations on both of my houses, I passionately implemented all of the changes that you recommended. Within a year, I purchased a beautiful dream home that is the "rave" of all of my family and friends. Everyone is always commenting on the bright, airiness of the new home and how they feel so welcome and don't want to leave. We have hosted Thanksgiving at our new house with over 35 people in attendance. In addition, both my husband and I have received promotions at work (less stress), which enables us to spend more time with each other, our family and friends. We have been doing so well and can't thank you enough for the happiness, good fortune and piece of mind that you have provided us.

Diane Leong, Property Management, San Francisco


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